• 23Mar


                                    “Score!” I thought when I discovered the last two frozen lumpia in the freezer today. They were tucked in a freezer bag behind a mostly empty bag of shell-on shrimp. Below that shelf, I found a bag of French cut string beans (the kind I use for lumpia). I must have bought an extra bag months ago while feeling ambitious, but then never made another batch of lumpia when the reality of rolling the Filipino spring rolls after work set in. “Oh hey, that pound of frozen raw wings I bought on sale for the Super Bowl before I remembered I don’t like football!”

                                    What to do with only one fresh vegetable – a forgotten bell pepper – left and mostly bare stores? Go out? Heck no! We are solid proponents of staying at home and social distancing!

                                    I used the frozen wings to make some stock. Once that was at a safe temperature, I removed the wings and added shrimp to the stock. I popped that shrimp out fairly quickly to keep it from getting rubbery and then I took out the shells. I marinated the wings in vinegar and soy sauce and then broiled them to finish them. (Is there anything sadder looking than boiled chicken?)

                                    Meanwhile I fried up the lumpia and started sautéing garlic. My garlic was a little old, but whatever. I added the now cooked shrimp, various secret sauces (okay you got me…they are pictured above…and yes, I used bottled lemon juice. This is a comfort food (to me, anyway) emergency! I sautéed the thawed green beans, and pressed the water out the, and added the bell pepper and shrimp. When everything looked properly cooked, I removed all the vegetables and the shrimp from my wok.

                                    After boiling some stock in the wok, I added some pancit noodles. Finally, I reassembled the shrimp, green beans, bell pepper, and pancit noodles and heated again.

                                    Maybe not the best looking meal. Maybe not the best-conceived meal. But we didn’t leave the house. How about it, dcfüd? Show us some meals you made with all or no fresh items while we are mostly holed up at home hiding from Corona/Covid 19?

                                    -CAF (Cindy)

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                                  • 26Feb


                                    We’ve had some great dishes recently and want to highlight some of them. Featured: Kiin Imm Thai, Mama Chang’s, Marumen, Kizuna, Silver Diner, Rice Bar, Hei Hei Tiger, Bethesda Bagels.

                                    In no particular order:

                                    We were at Hei Hei Tiger (Tiger Fork’s sister) a few days before the official opening. They wouldn’t let us order the duck because they said they were still working on making it crispy, but even so, it was the best protein we tried, including the chicken, pork belly, and BBQ Pork. The bok choi was very good but was given to me in error, since I ordered the Chinese Broccoli. Those are the only two things we as a group ate that we would order again, unless they tweak the recipes (which they are working on). They had a good crust on the pork belly but, it tasted both over salted and over smoked. The BBQ pork’s flavor was a little off too, and it was tough. Hei Hei Tiger also has a bar in front of Sen Khao.

                                    The meal at Silver Diner was good (steak, mashed potatoes, winter vegetables, spinach with garlic) but the winter veggies (beets, Brussels Sprouts, winter squash) were the standout.

                                    Kizuna’s ramen is really good (including the pork belly) and does not use MSG.

                                    Marumen’s kimchi (that little bowl on the side of the ramen bowl) is made by Grandma. It’s open late and tends to be busy.

                                    Kiin Imm Thai was empty when I sat down 6pm on a Sunday and was fully packed within an hour. People were eating a huge variety of delicious looking dishes. We need to try more dishes here. The place is new and promising, but small.

                                    At Rice Bar, a Chipotle-style Korean rice and noodles concept based in DC, avoid the broth or miso soup they give you on the side. It’s run by a couple of really nice guys from Mongolia. We ordered Rice Noodles with Kalbi, Marinated Cucumbers, Eggplant, Radish Kimchi, and Seaweed, which was good.

                                    Mama Chang is an adventurous Sichuan restaurant in Fairfax (near Marumen) inspired by Peter Chang’s mother.

                                    THe image is of a bagel with lox and vegan veggie creme cheese. I didn’t take a picture of them, but Bethesda Bagel has secret potato pancakes. Basically, I think the sign for them fell down, but they still have the latkes (with sour cream or apple sauce).

                                    BTW, the new WordPress version (which installed itself) is terrible, as is its gallery. Sorry about that. It doesn’t look good (ok, I just improved that a bit) and the photos don’t seem to enlarge when clicked. I’ll try and play around with it later.


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                                  • 14Feb


                                    Fogo de Chão has remodeled their DC location. We recently dined at the DC location and requested a few of Fogo’s official photos to share.


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                                  • 17Jan


                                    A few nights ago my family and I went to one of the more favorite local restaurants, Tequila Grande. At Tequila Grande, guests should be aware that the “grande” in the name is by no means a joke. The portions and quality at TG are unmatched for this classical Mexican eatery. The interior of the restaurant is very comforting as the orange painted walls and many windows present a homely vibe. The menu at Tequila Grande offers an array of different Mexican specialties like carne asada, enchiladas, and tacos in addition to more Americanized menu options like burritos and chimichangas.

                                    When we arrived were greeted with chips and salsa as we perused the menu. As customary at Tequila Grande we started off with their fresh guacamole. The guacamole is smooth and spicy and served in a very charming blue corn tortilla bowl that gets slowly devoured with the dip. For dinner, I ordered the biggest menu item they have, the burrito-gordo. This is the biggest burrito I have ever experienced in my life. It is overflowing with flavorful ground beef, stewed chicken, re-fried beans, and Spanish rice. The burrito is also covered in cheese, pico-de-gallo, and sour cream. As terrifying as it looks coming straight at you it is an extremely delicious burrito with a dense and hearty filling that leaves you stuffed for several days. As usual, however, I was only able to eat half the burrito and saved the rest for later (which is perfectly fine as it heats up great).

                                    专题2021_百城百县百伋调研行 - jschina.com.cn:2021-10-8 · 今年是改革开放40周年。40年众志成城、砥砺奋进,书写了国家和民族发展的壮丽史诗。本报从今日起开设“百城百县百伋调研行”专栏,派出记者深入 ...

                                    My sister and mother shared a combination of chicken and shrimp fajitas. As they were picking at my burrito I grabbed a small flour tortilla and scooped the grilled shrimp, caramelized onions and soft bell peppers into the tortilla. I topped it with some sour cream, salsa and lettuce and had a fantastic albeit wet mini shrimp taco.

                                    The food at tequila grande may be grande but that does not at all undercut its quality. Being a small family establishment tequila grande manages to have some of the best Mexican food while also having a lovely atmosphere all for a reasonable price in local midtown Vienna. It is somewhere you should definitely consider the next time you are in the mood for a fiesta of flavor.


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                                  • 13Nov


                                    When entering Dogwood Tavern, one may be deceived by the rustic background and dated feel of this small establishment. The walls are covered in patriotic paintings and the all wood interior communicates a relaxed, no-nonsense atmosphere. However, while the looks of this tavern seem aged, the food and service are fresh and exciting.

                                    Dogwood Tavern sports a menu of fresh takes on various American food classics. This includes totchos, a portmanteau of tater tots and nachos, and sandwiches such as their famous French onion burger. During our visit, a few friends and myself ordered a round of totchos with custom burgers and sandwiches.

                                    We started out our meal with the loaded totchos. A cross between nachos, chili cheese fries, and tater tots towered on a silver plate when they arrived to our table. The tater tots were crisp and held together quite nicely as layers of cheese and heart chili blanketed the platter. The whole thing was devoured in minutes.

                                    I ordered the shrimp po’ boy, which came on buttered french bread and was served with crispy waffle fries. The pieces of fried shrimp were flavorful and crispy without being too heavy. The spicy remoulade sauce complimented the shrimp well and the toppings of shredded lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and thinly sliced white onion all paired together deliciously.

                                    The star of the table however was the infamous French onion burger. The French onion burger is a specialty at Dogwood, and for good reason. The beef patty was juicy and was topped with a mountain of caramelized onions and melted Swiss cheese. In addition to the burger, this entrée also came with french onion jus on the side for dipping. The jus was extremely flavorful and savory, pairing very well with the richness of the burger.

                                    While it may seem aged at first glance, Dogwood Tavern is a very charming place with a lot of interesting and delicious options for anyone looking for stepped up bar food. Overall, Dogwood Tavern is a great destination if you want the feeling of a Cheers-like bar where one can watch local DC sports teams play on big televisions, while still enjoying some solid grub.


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                                  • 09Nov


                                    We recently had a wonderful weekend judging the 40th Annual National Oyster Cook-Off at the US Oyster Festival in St. Mary’s County, MD. We jumped at the opportunity to spend time with fellow judge John Shields (of Gertrude’s restaurant in Baltimore) and eat wonderful food in a picturesque part of the country. The oysters were fresh and delicious, including the ones we fished and shucked from No Thyme To Cook’s dock under Donald’s expert tutelage.

                                    The highlight of the recipe contest was the winning dish, Buffalo Oysters in Blue Cheese Grits. The Cream of Oyster Soup with Bacon was great as well. Now that I have the festival’s cookbook, I can make either of these dishes at home.

                                    The judge’s dinner was the night before at the No Thyme to Cook (cooking school) in Solomons, MD overlooking Solomons harbor, and was amazing of course, since Gwyn Novak (one of the judges), and her staff and school are top notch. Gwyn even has a new book, How to Cook for Beginners, which covers all the basics (including knife skills, measuring, and cooking methods) for someone who wants to learn to cook. And of course, the book includes some great recipes, including Cinnamon Crunch Muffins, Garlic & Tomato Steamed Mussels, and Pasta Bolognese. 华为平板M6高能版发布 为移动设备带来PC级游戏体验-财经 ...:2021-8-29 · 北京时间8月29日,华为发布平板M6系列中的全新产品——华为平板M6高能版。作为M6系列中的新成员,华为平板M6高能版在搭载旗舰级麒麟980处理器的基础上,更是突破性带来GPU Turbo 3.0、PC级液冷散热、强劲续航、独立Turbo键等硬核创新,进一步 ...

                                    We will randomly choose one entry (out of the first 100) to receive a copy of 加速器app可伍上外网. To be entered in the contest, email your first and last name to Contest (AT) dcfud (DOT) com with the subject line “Cookbook Contest” by Saturday November 16th at 6pm. Then, give me a few days, (it’s been busy around here), and I’ll pass the winner’s email address to Gwyn’s marketing person (who will ask for a US mailing address).


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                                  • 24Sep


                                    Located in the heart of downtown Vienna, Skorpio’s Maggio’s is a local favorite among many Viennans who enjoy great Greek food in a small family style setting. At Maggio’s one can find an assortment of traditional Greek food including classic gyros, moussaka, and souvlaki. Since opening in 1999 and expanding in 2004, this two-named restaurant has sold over 150 gallons of tzatziki (a yogurt dip which is a staple of Greek and other Mediterranean foods), in addition to a wholesome selection of Greek delicacies. Alongside traditional Greek columns, the walls of this family restaurant are filled with memorabilia of nearby high schools, newspaper clippings of local reviews, and pictures of close family and friends of the owner, Chris.

                                    At Maggio’s, almost every menu item comes with at least one side and a free drink. Meals are served on disposable plates atop plastic trays. This style of service gives customers a warm and relaxed experience rather than one filled with frills and nonsensical formalities. It is one of the reasons I find it so charming as it is a truly honest style of service. During my visit I ordered the classic gyro and eggplant moussaka.

                                    As for the food, the classic gyro, a quintessential Greek sandwich which consists of beef and or lamb strips served in a pita bread, was enormous in size yet delicious. Ribbons of juicy meat piled high with a cool tzatziki spread all in a warm pita bread hit all the right spots. The moussaka, a baked eggplant dish with cheese and noodles, was deeply rich and comforting, although may have been just slightly greasy. Accompanying the moussaka was a Greek salad with a layer of feta cheese and olives and warm portions of rice pilaf, which were both just as good as of everything else that was served. After my main meal, I was tempted enough to also get a small box of pastries from the tantalizing dessert display near the front entrance. The cookies were flaky and crisp while the baklava was rich and decadent with honey syrup and chopped nuts. The small pastries and baklava were the perfect complement to the inviting entrees and rounded off an overall charming dinner.

                                    六问手机流量那些事:我的流量去哪儿了? - huanqiu.com:2021-5-13 · 六问手机流量那些事:我的流量去哪儿了?“周六去了趟营业厅,发现十个有九个在问:流量去哪儿了?”知名通信专家刘启诚在朋友圈感叹道。这只是个缩影。


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                                  • 27Aug



                                    Among Iranian-Americans, Shamshiry is one of the best hidden kabob havens in the Northern Virginia area. Since opening in 1993, Shamshiry has remained one of the most celebrated Persian restaurants for anyone who craves chelo kabob, offering tastes reminiscent of the streets of Tehran. The word shamshiry means sword in Farsi, and is also a commonly used term in kabob houses to order skewers of chelo kabob & barg (steak) kabob for dinner.

                                    Cucumber Salad, Garlic Yogurt, and Feta Cheese

                                    About three months ago, Shamshiry renovated and introduced a few new changes to their location. The cluttered dining area has changed and now houses a modern looking interior which emphasizes bright and textured white & blue walls. Along with the renovations came a new in-house bakery. In the past, Shamshiry served pre-made flatbread with every meal, however with the addition of the bakery, diners are now offered complimentary fresh baked lavash bread with butter and chopped jalapeños alongside their main dishes. Aside from these changes, not much else has changed as far as the menu.

                                    When ordering at Shamshiry, it is important to know that the food is meant to ideally be ordered to share. Thus, I recommend going with a party of people so anyone can order what they want and also share their entrees and sides with others. This is what I did with my friends during our visit. I ordered the jujeh kabobs (chicken kabobs), while my friends ordered the barg kabob, lamb kabob, and most famously the chelo kabob (ground beef kabob). Each plate comes with a mountain of rice, roasted tomatoes, raw onions, and grilled jalapeños. Alongside these dishes, we also ordered mast-o mosir (garlic yogurt), salad shirazi (cucumber salad), and panir sabzi (greens with feta cheese) for the table.

                                    After all the dishes arrived, we began to mix and match our plates, taking some sections of chelo kabob, pieces of lamb, and cuts of chicken onto our towering plates. These entrees were of course accompanied by spoonfuls of yogurt, portions of salad, and crumbles of feta cheese on the side of each person’s place. After this important sorting stage, we finally began eating. As for the food, the chelo kabob had a distinct taste of sweet onion, and was grilled perfectly. The chicken was juicy and charred without being dry, and the lamb was very tender. The barg was just fine, but seemed underwhelming when compared to the chelo kabob and lamb kabobs which we fought over at our table.

                                    Shamshiry remains one of the most prominent locations for anyone looking for authentic Persian food in the Tysons/Mclean area. With the addition of new decor, and an always professional and outstanding staff, it is no wonder that natives of Persian cuisine and travelers who enjoy exotic eats have been coming here for over 20 years.


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                                  • 17Jul


                                    When you first walk into Crust ( 8415 Old Courthouse Rd, Vienna, VA 22182), you’ll notice that the inside seems very industrial and modern looking for a place that is serving old school style pizza. The restaurant has a metal looking interior with red and black accents covering the tables and chairs. While you may get a trendy and or modern vibe from the decor, you will soon notice that there are pallets of flour, towers of canned tomatoes, and obligatory wall of famous Italian-Americans plastered in a few corners of the restaurant.

                                    At Crust, you order personal sized pizzas from a friendly staff who recommend both classics like their signature margherita or more creative takes like their eggplant Parmesan pizza. I was with a few friends and we decided to order one margherita, one eggplant, and one calzone, a trinity that would give us a taste of everything “pizza” that Crust has to offer. It is important to note that some of the pizzas, like the margherita that we ordered, are DOC certified. DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) certification means that Crust follows a strict set of rules in preparing the sauce, making the dough, and cooking the pizzas to qualify as true Neapolitan style pizza.

                                    As the pizzas and calzone came out of the oven and onto our table, there was a moment of pure euphoria in admiring just how beautiful the display of food looked. Of course pictures were taken and talks about the appearances were had before eating the actual pizza. As far as taste, the pizzas at Crust follow Neapolitan style down to a tee. The sauce was very simply crushed san marzano tomatoes, the cheese was fresh bubbly buffalo mozzarella, and the crust had a distinct burnt leopard pattern. Both the eggplant and the margherita pizza were devoured within minutes as we waited for the calzone to cool. An interesting point about the calzone is that in addition to a cheese and salami filling, the calzone also had cheese, sauce, and olive oil drizzled on top. While unconventional, the calzone was deemed the favorite at the table. The crust had a perfect amount of charring and crispy yet chewy interior that was perfect with the ricotta filling and the sauce on top as well as on the side.

                                    After our meal, I was able to talk to one of the owners crust’s owners, Kaivan Ejtemai. Kaivan told me that the idea of Crust was initially inspired by his honeymoon in Italy roughly ten years ago. After a few years of planning, Kaivan was able to open up Crust in late 2015 with co owners Farhad Bazaz, and Sam Ghahndi. What surprised me the most about the background of Crust is that Kaivan and the other owners are all Iranian-American, yet there was no indication that the restaurant had any Persian influences. What was however evident was the pride that Kaivan and his staff displayed when serving their food. Kaivan told me “We have the best ingredients and are always interested in making new and creative pizzas. It all comes down to a love for pizza.” Indeed this love for pizza is what makes Crust such an appealing pizzeria and a spot that should be on any pizza lovers list in the NOVA area.

                                    -ARM (new DCFUD contributor)

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                                  • 10Jul

                                    DCFüd Wants You!

                                    The good news is, some of us are over-employed. (That’s good, right?) Some of us have even moved away from the DC area. (You know who you are.) 🙂

                                    But the bad news is a dry spell for the FUD at the moment. So, to counteract this terrible state of affairs, we are looking for…

                                    A FEW NEW WRITERS!! Have you discovered the best wine, restaurant, or food truck in DC? Do you want to write a comparison article for a particular item or dish? Need some hipster cred? Do you have some random recipes to share? Writing experience for your resume? Articles for your Portfolio? Passionate about food? Then we want you for DCFüd. Send writing samples to dcfud.writers@gmail.com, along with few ideas you’d like to write about. It’ll be crazy!

                                    This is on a volunteer basis. Writers who contribute regularly may be assigned events to cover.


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